The Future Faces of Urban Britain: The Characters Who Will Populate Our Cities a Decade from Now

(The Independent) What do you get when you bring together an international Bitcoin and arms dealer, a zero-hours contractor, a body modification artist and a pensioner trading second-hand clothes on eBay? Urban Britain in 2023, it seems.

These fictitious characters have been dreamt up by a coalition of innovators in a bid to understand how people might live in the capital in a decade’s time. The intentionally “provocative” faces of the future have been imagined by looking at predicted trends, existing data and small studies of how people live on the ground.

They imagine an international student who uses real-time projection space to speak to his family in Mexico, a man trying to live off-grid, a local councilor who runs a community healthcare service, an owner of a local restaurant chain who uses crowdfunding, a financial analyst who also makes her child’s clothes and an author who also works as an executive director of a local energy trust. All 10 characters reflect key trends that are thought to predict Britain’s urban future.