Now Even Girl Scouts Are Accepting Bitcoin

(Motherboard) An entrepreneurial — and tech- savvy — group of Girl Scouts has decided to accept bitcoins as well as regular greenbacks at their pop-up coffee shop, according to a Twitter user who found a photo of it on Reddit.

The little ladies have apparently set up the business on a street corner in Noe Valley, a San Francisco neighborhood known for its stroller-pushing parents and pricey real estate. They accept the Bitcoin via a giant QR code (though the code doesn’t seem to be working at the moment, at least via a kind of distorted photo) printed on the front of their booth, and the scouts’ offerings include a range of delicacies such as lemonade, cookies — for a buck each — and coffee. Broken cookies are free.

The pint-sized coffee tycoons are calling their 21st-century enterprise Mia and Taylor’s Coffeeshop — and are joining a growing cadre of online and offline businesses that accept the oft-controversial cryptocurrency. But, as far as I can tell, this is the first example of a brick and mortar business run by children to accept Bitcoin. Their business is indeed going pretty well. According to the Bitcoin calculator Preev, the girls have hauled in just under $70, with some portion of that coming from Redditors.