Kanye West’s Legal Team Takes Down Spoof ‘Coinye’ Altcoin

(CoinDesk) Just days after Chicago rapper Kanye West dispatched his legal team against the creators of the script-based cryptocurrency Coinye, formerly Coinye West, the altcoin’s development team has officially folded its launch plans.

The announcement was issued via the project’s website, which posted the message “COINYE IS DEAD” in bold at the top of its homepage, followed by its admission of defeat: “You win, Kayne.” The messages ended the short life of Coinye, which was announced early this January and had recently delayed its launch.

West’s legal team previously sent the Coinye development team a cease-and-desist letter that suggested that the altcoin’s branding, featuring a cartoon image of the rapper, created a likelihood of confusion that would lead buyers to believe West was affiliated with the project.