Is Bitcoin the World’s Best Brand Booster?

(CNBC) The debate may continue to rage over whether bitcoin is a viable alternative to the dollar or just another Ponzi scheme, but there’s no denying of its ability to boost a brand’s awareness.

From Billionaire entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson to a tavern owner the U.K. Stephen Early, the director of a small chain of public houses in the U.K. told CNBC that it was the “best accidental marketing campaign” he had ever done. His five drinking establishments started accepting bitcoin in June and now receive around ¬£1,000 ($1,630) of the digital currency each month.

Early said he frequently appeared on U.K. television during the summer and between 30 and 40 journalists had contacted him regarding bitcoin. He also saw an increased amount of punters that came to the pub wanting to use the new technology, he added. “It certainly gives (businesses) a fair bit of coverage,” he told CNBC via telephone.