From Treasure to Trash: Man Tosses Out Bitcoin Wallet on Hard Drive Worth $9 Million

(Forbes) Years ago, when renovating with friends, I took off my rings so that they wouldn’t get damaged. In the flurry of clean-up, the rings got tossed into the trash. Despite going through bag after bag of garbage, we couldn’t find them. I was not happy.

That has to be nothing compared to what James Howells is feeling. This summer, he threw out a computer hard drive containing more than $9 million in bitcoins. Yep, threw out. It is now almost impossible to find.

As a tech geek, he mined bitcoins for years – long before you and I had even heard of them – which allowed him to store 7,500 bitcoins in his wallet. Howells made an unthinkable mistake for a tech geek: he had no back-up. Now, the drive, sits under the earth in a landfill somewhere, hidden under tons and tons of garbage.