Bitcoin ATM Gets Surprise Launch in Biggest Boston Train Station

(CoinDesk) Though they missed becoming the first operational Bitcoin ATM in the U.S. by less than 24 hours, the entrepreneurs behind Liberty Teller caused quite a stir when they revealed that they would boot up their new Lamassu machine in Boston’s busy South Station on Feb. 19.

The largest train station in the Boston metropolitan area, South Station holds 13 tracks and seven platforms as part of the city’s public subway system, and is the last stop for New England commuters who take the public commuter rail. These additional lines provide extended service to nearby metros Providence and Worcester.

Speaking to CoinDesk, Liberty Teller founder Chris Yim said he couldn’t have asked for a better location: “South Station gets 25 million travelers a year, and there’s really nothing else like that. None of the other Bitcoin ATM locations in the world come close to that.”